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What is microblading eyebrows?

What is microblading eyebrows

What is microblading?

Microblading is a manual form of semi-permanent makeup which has been taking the industry by storm for over a decade now. Resulting in delicate, natural, individual hair strokes, this is the most natural of the brow techniques allowing both men and women to enhance their natural features subtlety and with long lasting results through a face tattoo.

The microblading procedure takes around 1 hour to complete, with practitioners often allowing a further 30 minutes for numbing prior to treatment. Your practitioner will use a handheld tool with tiny needles and tell you everything you need to know about the technique and aftercare for the tattooed area. During your first appointment, your practitioner may create some brow designs based on your existing brows.

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Is microblading painful?

The answer to this is, No. It shouldn’t be painful if performed correctly. A numbing cream is generally applied prior to treatment with other numbing agents often applied throughout to maintain comfort when the small tool is being used. The blade should only be applied to the mid dermis region which should not cause anything more than a slight scratch sensation for the client.

Have you heard horror stories? Many of us have! This is often due to poor practice where practitioners have performed the tattoo treatment too deep, penetrating the lower layers of the skin (hypodermis). This can lead to several possible risks, including migration (blurred hair strokes), discoloration and scarring. This most certainly would be a painful experience for the client.

The Microblading treatment is very popular and offers some of the most natural looking results when completed by a skilled professional. Before your appointment, you will be required to attend a patch test to ensure that you will not suffer any allergic reactions.

How long does microblading last?

Depending on skin type, microblading should last around the 12–18-month mark, making it the perfect treatment for the forever changing world of brow styles.

If performed correctly (implanted only into the dermis region) the pigment should naturally fade leaving no hue of colour on the skin allowing the client to then change their brow shape and style should they wish or indulge in a colour boost treatment to reinstate their Microbladed appearance after the 12-month period.

Is microblading suitable for me?

Microblading is not suitable for everyone. Microblading is not the best semi-permanent makeup option for someone with oily skin as the procedure only deposits a small amount of implanting pigment into the dermis of the skin, meaning with excessive oil secretions the pigment will very easily lift. 

These clients would therefore be far more suited to a powder brow option. This being a machine method, whereby pigment is layered into the dermis leaving much denser pigments, in turn making it a much slower process for this to be faded by the body’s oil secretions.

Who else might Microblading not be suitable for?

Other skin types that can often prove problematic with microblading are, more mature, thinner skin and skin which is more prone to bleeding (very vascular). This is again due to a higher risk of migration.

Light practice can often overcome this, however, again the practitioner may recommend a machine method using brow powder as this is a gentler method on the skin. Those with normal skin will usually be fine to receive Microblading.

How much does microblading cost?

Microblading treatments will vary in cost dramatically based on location. On average microblading treatments in the UK cost around £200- £300. This will usually include your 4-6 week top up. A second appointment, known as a touch up, is required to refine the treatment after the initial healing process. You can achieve your desired look in just two visits.

what is microblading treatment

Why do my eyebrows disappear after microblading?

This is the question on every client’s lips! The disappearing phase. The healing process of microblading is not pleasant and it’s fairly bizarre. Initially, the brows will become a darker colour as the blood and lymphatic fluid which is sat on top of the newly Microbladed eyebrows begins to oxidise. The brow area will begin to scab. The scabs will fall away, and your client will, understandably, panic! This is not an attractive phase. Once all the scabs have fallen away the brows will completely fade and will look as though no procedure has ever taken place. The brows are in fact still there. They are now covered by a build-up of dry skin cells, which I can only liken to a sheet of tracing paper.

As these cells begin to shed over the next few weeks, the brows will reappear and the finished Microbladed brows will be revealed in all their glory! They will however be 30% lighter than when the first tattoo was created. Then, the top up appointment is required, and the process begins again!

What is the aftercare for my eyebrows?

When can I wash my eyebrows after microblading? This is one of the most common questions asked following microblading. All practitioners will advise slightly different aftercare for their clients, however, as tried, and tested over the years I find the best aftercare is as follows. Do not get your brows wet for a minimum of 10 days. So, then comes the question, how can I wash my hair? Tip your hair back, and if the brows get splashed, pat dry with a clean towel. Do not go swimming. Do not steam the brows. So no hot baths, saunas, or steam rooms. You should also avoid sun exposure and direct sunlight.

Do not apply any oily products to the brows. This includes make up (even during the fading period), moisturisers and serums. Do not pick or peel the scabs, let them naturally fall away. So, all in all, this is quite a dry process. However, it is important the brows remain clean and do not over dry until they are completely healed. Therefore, it is recommended to pat a cotton pad of cool boiled water over the eyebrow’s morning and night for the first 5 days and apply some Vitamin A D Ointment which should be supplied by your practitioner. Follow these steps, and your brows will heal beautifully!!

Say goodbye to brow products, especially your brow pencil and enjoy your new natural brows! Switch up the shape whenever you fancy! Don’t forget if you have any questions regarding Microblading, you can contact us and we’ll try our best to provide all the answers before you have your eyebrows microbladed.

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