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How to set up your own aesthetics business

how to set up your own aesthetics business

So you’ve decided to start up your own aesthetics business – how exciting! Perhaps you’ll focus on one treatment or offer a range, it’s totally your choice! In this blog, we’re helping you with how to set up your own aesthetics business.

The aesthetic industry is extremely rewarding, as you can often help clients to feel more confident about their appearance.

In a competitive industry, you have to find ways to make yourself stand out from the crowds. This could be achieved through great advertising or building a strong portfolio. We would always recommend keeping a record of case studies so that you can attract new clients and also see how far you’ve come!

Before setting up your aesthetic business, there are a few things you’ll need to do. We’ll guide you through the process.

Steps to set up an aesthetic business

Get training

To start an aesthetic career, you must have completed the necessary training. This training will vary based on the course you choose to complete. For example, some courses can take longer than others or have various course requirements.

At TABA, we offer a wide range of aesthetic training courses. We offer anti-wrinkle training, dermal fillers, skin-boosting treatments, vitamin-boosting injections and fat-dissolving treatments.

We understand that not everyone has the same level of training, which is why we offer a range of course structures. If you’re a complete beginner, you can look into our foundation courses, or if you’ve already completed the basics, you could consider an advanced course.

We’re all about supporting students in building up their skill sets, and we would also encourage you to participate in more courses so you can expand your aesthetic offering.

A great aesthetic course should leave you feeling confident to start your new career. Courses should include both theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure that you can treat patients safely.

Read our blog on things to consider when choosing a beauty training course.

After you’ve completed your training and feel confident treating your own clients, you can get started with planning your business.

choosing a beauty therapy course

Setting up your own business

You’ll need to ensure that your business is set up properly and legally. This means registering correctly for tax and other legal requirements.

You can choose from various options when setting up a company to be self-employed. For example, you could choose to be a sole trader, which has benefits such as being easy to set up, and you also only pay tax as you would on an employed wage. Note that sole traders have less financial security when it comes to company finances.

Another option is to set up a limited company, which allows you to claim expenses and means you’re protected by limited liability.

There’s plenty of time to decide which type of company will be best for you when starting your own aesthetics practice, so try not to worry. There are also many people with a business background who can offer advice.

Gain appropriate insurance

You’ll need insurance to be able to complete aesthetic treatments. You should ensure that the insurance is substantial and covers you for all potential outcomes. You’ll also need to consider what’s required for the consent process and treatment forms. Different courses may offer insight into this and how to deal with patient data.

Some insurance providers may ask for information about your course and its accreditations. When finding a course, you must ensure that the accreditations are recognised within the UK aesthetics industry.

Without accreditations and the necessary qualifications, you might find yourself unable to get insurance or start your company, even after you’ve spent money and completed the practical training course.

Find suppliers

If you’re setting up an aesthetics business, you’ll need to find trusted suppliers to start treating clients. You should ensure you do plenty of research into the options available. A great company will have positive reviews and have been running for a long time.

You may find speaking to your training provider about suppliers useful, as they can offer advice and suggestions.

You’ll also need to assess where you’ll be working from. Many beauty beginners work on a self-employed basis by renting a chair in a salon offering medical aesthetics. Some even decide to purchase their own clinic or work from home. It’s up to you what you choose to do, and there’s no wrong answer. Be sure to provide this information to insurers.

Identify your target market and pricing strategy

Setting up your own business means thinking about who you want to work with. Knowing your ideal customer allows you to market your business more effectively and develop a pricing strategy that works.

It can help to consider the age, gender and lifestyle of the clients you want to appeal to. Then, you can develop a pricing structure that meets their requirements.

Remember that people will usually be willing to pay more as your personal experience grows. This is another reason you should get started on a portfolio as soon as possible, as it shows your continued professional development through your own practice.

Remember that as you gain new clients, you can also benefit from word of mouth. This may help you to attract new potential patients. With hard work and dedication, after a while, you’ll have built up a loyal client base for your successful business.

advertising aesthetics business


Social media and using your own website are great ways to get your business out there in front of potential clients. In the beauty and aesthetics industry, it can help to share tips and show before and after photos of aesthetic procedures that you’ve completed on clients.

Your website should have a page dedicated to your portfolio, and you should definitely display your reviews on there too. Make sure that your contact information is kept up to date and is easy to find, and include links to an Instagram, TikTok and a Facebook page – whichever you choose to use.

Some people choose to integrate a booking system into their website, which can help to create a more automated process. You must ensure that your website follows GDPR.

Keep on learning

As you progress through your aesthetic career, you will likely find that you’re ready to expand your offering. You may choose to stick to aesthetic treatments, or you may want to have a look at some SPMU courses.

There are so many fantastic beauty courses to consider, and there will likely be even more as the beauty industry continues to develop. Now is a great time to get into the beauty industry as more and more people enter as clients.

Training with TABA

We hope this blog has been helpful regarding how to set up your aesthetics business. We have a wide range of beauty courses available, and our team of advanced practitioners have a great understanding of the industry. With many years of experience, you can be confident that your training is in safe hands. Our aesthetic practitioners offer ongoing support and can offer tips for starting your own aesthetics business and finding loyal customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding one of our courses or starting your own aesthetics business, we’re more than happy to help.

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