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Is microblading a safe career opportunity?

Is microblading a safe career opportunity

So you’re looking for a new career? Well, a career in beauty is definitely a rewarding one! The most important thing to consider is choosing a career you’ll enjoy, but you’ll also want to ensure it’s a safe option. So in this blog, we’re answering – is microblading a safe career opportunity?

What is microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup. The process of microblading involves fine strokes of hair being added to the brow area to create the desired shape. These hair-like strokes are added using very small needles. 

Before you complete any microblading procedure, you’ll need to meet the client for a consultation and a patch test. This is vital to prevent an allergic reaction on the skin during the initial treatment. 

Each microblading session takes around one to two hours. Be mindful that the whole process may take longer while you are just starting out in the beauty industry. 

In recent years, cosmetic tattoos and microblading have become very popular, meaning that it’s an excellent option for building a client base. 

On average, microblading lasts between 12 and 18 months, depending on a range of factors. You may find clients booking in for touch-up appointments to maintain their brow goals during this time. 

You’ll need to find an appropriate microblading course to qualify as a semi-permanent tattoo artist. You can find out more about becoming a microblading artist

What are the options for a career in microblading?

Finding a new career can be life-changing! Along with searching for a safe and enjoyable career, you may be looking for one with lots of opportunities. A microblading career can certainly provide you with options. Let’s have a look:


Many individuals choose to complete a microblading course and work on a self-employed basis. This can involve having access to your own clients and operating from someone else’s business premises. There are often hair or nail salons offering artists the opportunity to work within their building. 

Working self-employed can give you greater control and flexibility over your job. However, you’ll have to speak individually to a range of salons to identify the benefits of each one.

Business owner 

Having your own business means you have complete control over your work and how much money you make, but it is hard work. Running a business means you’ll not only have to keep up with your appointment diary, but you’ll also have to maintain a building, so it’s safe to work from. 

When working as a microblading artist, you’ll need to ensure that you have all the correct licensing and insurance in place, as well as health and safety procedures. Some procedures may include preventing and dealing with allergic reactions. 

You’ll need to have a good understanding of the whole process of having the brows microbladed. This involves having knowledge of the healing process, recovery time, possible risks that can happen and future touch-ups.

Is microblading a safe career opportunity?


You’ve heard of brow envy, right? There are lots of people out there with it, and lots of people who are trying to do something about it. 

Microblading has continued to grow rapidly over the last few years, and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. Microblading allows for a natural-looking brow, which will always be in fashion. 


As we mentioned earlier, with the various employment types, a microblading career can provide flexibility. While some people choose to start a microblading career full-time, many others choose to use it as a side hustle to earn extra income. 

Starting a business is hard and requires a clientele. By starting your eyebrow microblading career as a side hustle, you’re giving yourself time to build a solid client base. Others may want to leap right in and may already have access to a clientele. 


Owning a microblading business is financially rewarding. In the beginning, microblading eyebrows may feel time-consuming, but as you gain more experience, you’ll also become faster at the microblading process. All of this combined means you’ll be able to charge more for creating the ultimate brows. When you own a microblading business, one set of eyebrows could earn you between £200 and £300. 

Providing a good quality service will be reflected in your client retention rate and how much business you get from word of mouth. You may even wish to create a portfolio to share your high-quality work. 


People choose to have microblading for many reasons, maybe they want to enhance their face, or perhaps they have sparse eyebrows or thin eyebrows. Whatever the reason for choosing to have a microblading procedure, seeing your clients happy is one of the best feelings. Microblading has the power to make a real difference to the natural beauty of an individual. 

Career opportunities 

There are regular beauty events that you can attend as a freelance microblading artist. In addition, attending industry events can allow you to meet other brow experts and spread the word about your own business and talents. 

There’s also a lot of room for career growth. There are so many beauty treatments on the market, why not consider a training course in something else when you feel ready? 

We’d say go for it if you’re debating whether to start a microblading business! Ignore the self-doubt and get started with your new and exciting career. Don’t forget to check out our other beauty and aesthetic courses. If you have any questions, you can contact us, we’re always happy to help.

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